Complete Oral Rehabilitation

The Oral system (mouth and teeth) plays an essential role in maintaining our health in general, it allows us not only to eat properly and start the digestive processes, but also to interact with the world around us. Social relationships open gates and opportunities for ourselves. Our very own image speaks louder about our personality than any word could, so it is imperative that we take care of our appearance. People tend to notice our mouths (specially our teeth) more than any other body part when we speak.

Our pleasantness is rated by how much we smile, our mouths are a reflection of our hygiene, life habits and overall health. So the best way to send a positive message about ourselves  is by   flashing a confident  smile with bright straight teeth, aesthetically sized and shaped to match  our facial features perfectly. A mild discomfort in our mouth may result in mood and personality changes. We treat our patients as a whole, restoring and maintaining the oral health they need with the highest aesthetic approach.





​​Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges

Excellent option for non-removable dental restorations that repair or replace damaged teeth (or replace missing teeth)  with a highly aesthetic appearance (without the unattractive metal applications). They look and feel just like natural teeth.



Porcelain Veneers

Thin custom made shells of porcelain ips e.max  are shaped to fit your tooth perfectly. We place them in the “smile zone”  (frontal teeth) to enhance a smile or correct dental defects (crooked, damaged, misshaped and stained teeth, close gaps, repair chipped or broken pieces and even worn out teeth from grinding). Porcelain veneers modify the  tooth’s size, length, shape and color. They are more durable and color stable than bonding.

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Flexible Prosthesis

Complete and partial dentures made with the best quality materials to suit the patient´s particular needs. 

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Smile Design

A specialist in cosmetic dentistry will carefully review your particular case to recommend the best options of treatments to get you the smile of your dreams. We invite you to check out our patients´ before and after photos. Request your appointment today and change your life by changing your smile.