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Dr. Adriano Garza Gonzalez

  • Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  • Endodontics specialist by the University of la Salle 
  • Advance General Dentistry by the University of Rochester NY. USA

When is a Root Canal necessary? 


Is the root canal procedure  painful? 

  • When the tooth´s pulp is irreversibly affected: cavity, fracture, infection, etc.
  •  When your dentist needs to place a crown or a bridge and it is not advisable to leave the pulp because of its bad conditions, sometimes leaving it may result in unyielding tenderness or pain.
  • When extended procedures require deep dental tissue manipulation (pulp included), to avoid further and permanent damage. 

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  • No, not at all. The advanced technology, techniques and materials we currently use allow the specialist to perform the treatment  faster, with minimal discomfort and in a less harmful way.
  • In some extreme cases, such as when a patient hesitates and waits  too long to get proper attention, some pain may be experienced during the procedure, this due to the fact that the pulp is chronically and severely damaged; however we use excellent medications to diminish all sorts of discomfort and  provide the best experience possible to our patients. 
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(Root Canal Treatment)

Pulpitis (inflammation of the dental pulp  is caused mainly by deep cavities, injuries and/or  physical trauma that affect the tooth´s pulp tissue (including the nerve). It often leads to infection, pain and malfunction.

The treatment is to be performed by a specialist that will eliminate the pain (if present) to then restore the normal function of the damaged tooth. The treatment will also revert the pulp inflammatory process (if possible) or, if need be, totally remove the pulp content from the tooth to then apply a  filling in the now empty, decontaminated chamber with bio-compatible materials.