"Dr. Alonsoguerra was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and was able to see me right away. We discussed the problem I was having and then he took a couple of x-rays and we agreed upon a plan to come back the following month and begin the procedure. My original visit was to discuss having several implants put in but did not realize the extent of the work that was needed until after Dr. Alonsoguerra took those initial x-rays. Dr. Alonsoguerra went over all of the details but I was interested in and worked up a quote for the work that he was going to perform. We began on Monday, 10 January with a deep cleaning and then he sent me to get a CT scan that afternoon so that he could be very accurate when we began the implant process on Wednesday. Late Tuesday afternoon his root canal specialist performed a root canal on my one remaining good front tooth. Wednesday morning Dr. Alonsoguerra placed three implants across the upper front of my jaw and also removed three other damaged teeth. Each of the implants required additional bone grafting. Although Dr. Alonsoguerra performed some additional work that was beyond our original quote he stuck to the price of that quote. Today is the 8th of February and I'm very satisfied with the progress of the healing and have had no adverse effects. I'm due to go back in two more months to get my final teeth, a six tooth bridge, and will add an additional review at that time."

Mike A.


Memphis TN. 


I highly recommend Dr. Alonsoguerra and his staff. I´m very satisfied with my new veneers. The doctor was very welcoming and very attentive to detail. My overall experience was a ten an I would do it again in a second. Thank you for great service and my beautiful smile. 

Erika V. 


Houston Tx.

"Excelente trato y atención. 100% Recomendable. Satisfecha con lo que me ofrecieron  y Proporcionaron". 

Dulce L.


​Tampico Tamps.

"Excellent service, I´m very happy with my new teeth! Great price in Dental Implants... Thanx!

Francis G.



"Excelente el Doc., Experiencia y diagnóstico acertado 100% recomendable"

Jorge Arizmendi
11/ 2011

​Monterrey NL.

 "Very professional. Explained all the work that was needed an what to expect, I will recommend".

Dale M.


Dallas Tx.

"My first time having to get my teeth done. Very pleased with this office, very friendly and clean. Prices are very good, I will be coming back next year "

Michelle T.


Atlanta GA.

Dr. Alosnsoguerra´s dental service is very responsive and accommodating. They are doing everything the can in order to make their patients fell comfortable and well informed. Thank you for your amazing job!  I had a crown done and I am very happy with the result and the whole process.

Tomas Z.



"Sumamente honesto, profesional y un trato muy amable. Me atendió de emergencia y se mantuvo constantemente en contacto conmigo, 100% recomendable"

Elizabeth G. 

​Monclova Coah.

Dr. Jorge A. and his assistant are very nice and make you feel welcome. Dr. Jorge gives you the best advice for what you really need and the prices are great!  The place is clean and comfortable.

Dana L


Arlington Tx.

"Uno de los mejores consultorios dentales de Monterrey. Excelente servicio del Dr. Alonsoguerra.

Julio Saucedo 
02/ 2011

Ciudad de Mexico

I´m so very pleased for finding Dr. Jorge Alonsoguerra. I´m so in love with my new smile. I truly recommend this doctor. And will definitely refer all of my friends back home. Loving my smile!

Martha P.


Houston Tx.  

"I´m extremely grateful to Dr. Alonsoguerra and his staff. The professionalism and attention to my comfort was extremely valuable. They eased my fear and anxiety with a compassionate and caring approach. I recommend this office  to anyone who is looking for a reputable and affordable dentist. Thank you Dr. Alonsoguerra and Gaby!!!"

Martha Flores

Hockley Tx. 

Dentist in Mexico

"Dentaltek was an excellent place for me to choose to have my dental work done.  I postponed several years of work because we couldn't afford to do the work in the US.  The need for an implant finally forced me to find a place where I could replace the missing tooth and prevent more damage to other teeth that need it crowns.

I found Dentaltek on the internet and contacted Dr. Jorge Alonsoguerra Carrasco via email.  He responded quickly and answered all of my questions.  Dr J is an excellent communicator in both English and Spanish.  The combination of these qualities gave me confidence that traveling so far from home for dental work was a good choice for me.
When I went to the office and met Dr J and his assistant in person I was further convinced that my choice was a good one. The time of the appointment had truly been set aside for me. Dr J  and his staff were not running between treatment rooms and multiple patients

The implant procedure was done with attention to my comfort and without pain. I was the most relaxed that I had ever been in a dentist office.  All of the crowns and the implant feel great and it is nice to be eating pain free with all of my teeth. The pricing was such that I could afford to fix what I needed to for the price I had been quoted for the one implant in the states.  I will definitely be back if I find myself in need of any major dental work in the future!"

Connie H.

2/2016 - 5/2016

North Carolina

Excellent service by Dr. Jorge Alonso Guerra Carrasco, and his staff. He is an expert on Dental Implants. He offered me the best solution for my needs. By far his solution was better than other places. He adapted to my needs of travel plans too. I highly recommend Dentaltek for Dental Implants.

Carlos E. 


Houston Tx

Friendly staff. The office is clean. The location easy to find. Doctor Jorge is great at every level. Explains your options. The pricing is affordable.

Said D.


Houston Tx.

Call Today:


"Very good response in only one day."

Larry US

"Excelente dentista, muy profesional, ademas con un trato muy humano."

Roberto L.

Monterrey NL.

I really recommend DENTALTEK.
Dr. Jorge Alonso Guerra really went above and beyond to achieve the smile I had always dreamt of. Both staff and doctor are very nice and professionals... I can honestly say this trip all the way from Louisiana was very much worth it.

Tamara Vonce 



Dental Clinic Monterrey Mexico 

"Excelente atención y servicio! Recomendado ampliamente".

Clarisa Robles


Monterrey NL.

Dr. Alonsoguerra and his assistant were a pleasure to work with. I came to him for three implants. He was always available between visits to address questions and concerns. He was very precise in every aspect of the procedure, and the result was very good.

Jack E.

San Antonio


"Si buscas un buen dentista por la zona de colinas, no dudes en ir a Dentaltek, ya que ahí el Dr. Jorge Alonsoguerra te dará un excelente trato además de que puedes tener la confianza de que te ofrecerá el mejor tratamiento dependiendo de tu caso. 

En Dentaltek se especializan en los implantes, sin embargo ofrecen tratamientos como blanqueamiento dental, guardas, extracciones y cualquier tipo de odontología estética. Les puedo decir que ha sido mi opción de dentista ya por bastante tiempo y en todo momento ha habido respeto y trato en todos los tratamientos. Se los recomiendo ampliamente."

Jhonatan F
Monterrey NL.

"Dr. Alonsoguerra was prompt and very thorough with the options that were available to me.  The staff is great and my outcome was better than I expected, I´m very happy with my results".

Lisa Brown
Tampa Fl.

"Very compassionate, professional.  I love my veneers, great dentist. I already have my friends coming to do work."

Dellon Laban
Houston Tx.

Dentistry Mexico